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 LIVE Uplift Calls With ME Could Be What You Have Been Looking For.

I have had so much positive feedback since the Breakthrough Training, that I wanted to set up a special way to share my Uplift Calls and make it very affordable!  

That's why for a very limited time I am offering 2 weeks of Uplift Calls for ONLY $20!

If you are someone who has been wanting to take your health, happiness and life to the next level, then my best advice is to not miss this...

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Yes! I want to try 2 weeks of uplift calls!

Do You Want To See What Everyone Is Raving About?

Join me for an amazing uplift call and experience first steps of positive emotional change.

Brandy has a superpower, unlike any other healer I’ve worked with… Brandy can help me track my pain back to the thought that caused the pain within a matter of moments. It’s been blowing my mind and I’ve been at this for a couple of decades. So if you have a chance to study with Brandy to better understand how your thoughts are manifesting in your body, I would say run, don’t walk. She’s absolutely freaking amazing.

-Sage Lavine, author of Women Rocking Business

Have you found yourself asking things like:


  • How can I make sure all of the energy I am putting into reprogramming my mind will work?

  • How can I receive even more ongoing support to take my healing to the next level?

  • How can I achieve greater levels of happiness, love, and enlightenment?

  • How can I get more happiness, love, joy, self-love and healing programmed into my subconscious mind and energy so I can start seeing real results?!

If you have found yourself asking any of these questions, then you will definitely want to join the uplift calls!


Each call will leave you feeling UPLIFTED!  And will help you to program in positive energy and emotions into your subconscious mind!


This will help you experience: 

* Increased feelings of love, healing, happiness and success!
* Increased self-love
* Increased confidence
* Speed up your healing process!
* Help you successfully reprogram your subconscious mind
... and so much more! 
I think of the Uplift calls as a beautiful opportunity to reboot my mind. If I've been struggling to implement a change, if I've slipped back into a negative thought pattern, the Uplift calls provide immediate and instant relief. They remind me of who I really am and what I'm really capable of. So grateful for this amazing resource that Brandy provides!


I went to the first uplift calls with a heavy heart and by the end of the series I was smiling. Thanks so much Brandy for your huge heart and dedication to Love. I feel your presence as a touchstone.


"Brandy is an absolute Godsend. I'm so happy to have found her this year. She has changed my life for the better. Her uplift calls are a must. It's like taking your daily dose of vitamins. She is truly a light in this world!

Jen C.


For that reason, I want to invite you to 2 weeks of UPLIFT calls for ONLY $20! Start feeling POSITIVE and focused on your vision TODAY!

If you are new to uplift calls, you may be asking what exactly is an "Uplift Call"?
  • An "uplift call" is a 15-20 minute group call that happens a couple times each week (set up for different time zones so everyone can join).
  • On these calls (as the name states) you will feel UPLIFTED ...and it will help you to access more of your energy and your spirit with positive energy!
  • These calls are very focused on specific mind programming to help you radically change your life. 


These calls will you allow to:
  • Access greater levels of happiness, love, self-love, and joy!

  • Enjoy weekly "uplift" mind-programming calls that will help support you to be successful at reprogramming your subconscious mind! will feel rejuvenated and joyous and excited about life (these Uplift calls can also help keep you from falling off track & speed up your results!)


    This is your special invitation to try UPLIFT Calls™ for 2 weeks for ONLY $20.

    This Includes 4 Uplift Calls. After the 2 weeks, you can continue the twice-weekly calls for the discounted investment of $97/month. 
Yes! I want 2 weeks of Uplift Calls For ONLY $20!
Brandy is truly one of a kind! Her extraordinary gifts can see to the source of any problem and illuminate the path to recovery. Brandy’s fierce commitment to the truth and ability to live a life of freedom because of her commitment to the truth is both inspiring and admirable. I just love this girl!

-Lisa GarrHost of The Aware Show and Author of Becoming Aware

2 Weeks Of  Uplift Mind Programming Calls For Only $20

Join Brandy For The Next Two Weeks!



Pick From 4 Available Times Each Week

  • Brandy will guide the group through a specialized visualization that can help you access even more feelings of positivity and energy to help you speed up your healing, love and transformational results.
  • The mind programming will focus on the areas of healing, love, happiness and life transformation. 
  • As you engage your mind in the visualization, you can experience multiple positive feelings and by the end of the call will be able to access more positive feelings such as: Happiness, love, unity, self-love, euphoria, and other positive emotions.
  • Your job is to show up, relax, engage your mind and emotions as much as possible… and enjoy! 

After your trial you can continue the twice weekly calls for the discounted investment of $97/month.