The benefits of shifting negative energy and stress using the 5-Step “STOPP Process:

  • Feeling happier and lifted right away!
  • Free yourself from negative energy/heaviness to feel happy!
  • Attract/manifest an even better life with more positivity!
  • Happiness can boost your health & immune system!
  • Research has shown that increased positivity can improve EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE. From your relationships and productivity to even your money and success!

I think of the Uplift calls as a beautiful opportunity to reboot my mind. If I've been struggling to implement a change, if I've slipped back into a negative thought pattern, the Uplift calls provide immediate and instant relief. They remind me of who I really am and what I'm really capable of. So grateful for this amazing resource that Brandy provides!

- Nicole


If you have been experiencing  stressful negative thoughts and emotions and have been looking for a way to FREE yourself from the heaviness, then this is for you!  

The STOPP process can  help you to begin shifting negative emotions and thought patterns quickly! 

Personally, I didn't even consider myself as being in a negative state of mind, though I was. I felt like I just had problems and was "stressed" by life. (But of course, all change starts from within... and eventually I figured that out!)

No matter where you are, "stressed" , depressed, or even just wanting to take your life to the next level, the reality is that the more you let go of negativity, the more you free up your mind and your life to bring in

The problem is that, I could see clearly that what "everyone else was doing" just was not working. We can all see that even people with unlimited access to any resource they want, such as Robin Williams, were bogged down with negativity and depression. It is clear that we must do 3 things different: 

#1: look outside the box

#2: Empower ourselves

#3: learn how to use our own minds! 

In my own life, I spent several years researching, day and night to figure out my mind and my energy. Ultimately, what I figured out with the mind and emotions and how to create change, changed my entire life, from my health & level of happiness, to my relationships and even my finances!

The reality is that, the more you know about how to use YOUR mind, the better and happier YOUR life will be. 

As the famous quote says, "all change starts from within." And, much to my surprise, it did! 

That is my wish for you: happiness, love and freedom from negativity! 

That said, today I want to share with you some of the same tools, insights, and techniques that helped me change my life and have helped thousands of others change theirs!

This is what I call the 5-step STOPP process!

It is a simple but powerful process that guides you step-by-process to transform negative thinking into positive and uplifting thoughts, emotions and actions!  It is both simple and transformative! All you have to do is simply follow along with the videos for the STOPP Process 

It is a very simple and invaluable tool that you can use to help you lift your mindset, emotions/energy and ultimately your life!  Cheers! 

NOTE: This is not a practitioner course. It is not a bunch of analytical information and processes with a biomedical feel to it. It is also not all about meditation.

Instead, this course is structured to help you embody transformation!

As you go through the course and follow through with each step, you will FEEL uplifted! You will notice yourself thinking and feeling in a new way! And as you follow through you can transform your health AND your life.

I look forward to connecting with Brandy and the community energetically, and since I'm still new to this work, it's so helpful to have Brandy's guidance and modeling with visualizing and bringing in the positive. Each call is unique, and I learn things that help with my own practice of bringing in feelings and lifting my energy. I really believe that coming together with folks from the community on the call increases our positive energy exponentially, and I always feel extra energized and amazing. This is such a valuable offering and I'm so grateful for the benefits!

- Loida

"So much value packed into this video series"

 Have you heard others around you being stressed?  Or feeling negative? or down? or overwhelmed? frustrated? hurt? resentful? 

One thing you will want to notice that almost everyone is doing wrong is this: 

They are waiting (and hoping) for their life to change so they feel better.

But, the reality is that ALL change starts from within. So they are doing it backwards (and I am not criticizing them, so was I! For many years I felt stressed by life and my circumstances... Until I really got it that the change had to happen INSIDE of me first. 

That was one revelation BUT... then the second one was HOW. I could see that people were not really changing their minds.. as I mentioned above.  AND... I could see that there were a lot of people who were in to "positive thinking" that were definitely NOT changing their lives.. and didnt genuinely seem happy - but kudos to them - at least they were trying! 

That is when I began creating the process for transforming negativity. 

Can you imagine not wasting another second on negative thought and the life you could create if you could harness the power of the positive.  Negative thought can have such a profound effect on our daily activity and I can't wait to show you how bright your life can be without it.

I want you to take a second an imagine feeling truly happy and free from negativity. So you are smiling, feeling light, happy, safe and like life is more easeful!  You are enjoying life! 

What does it look like?  How would that feel? 

The thing that you will want to remember is that, "ALL change really does start on the inside."

Most people are doing this BACKWARDS. 

I used to have a hard time believing my ideal life was possible. I was once stuck in a wheel chair or on a walker for several years and every day it was hard to imagine how I would ever develop the life I so desperately wanted.

If I can do it so can you.  I will teach you how.

Happiness not only makes you feel better and makes you enjoy each day of your life more.  Happiness also increases your immunity and your health.  Increase your happiness and you will be at less risk to all the viruses of today.


I am so excited for you to experience the 5 Step STOPP process!

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Free yourself from negative energy/heaviness to feel happy!

Attract/manifest an even better life with more positivity!

Happiness can boost your health & immune system!

Research has shown that happiness can improve your relationships, productivity, money and success!

Feeling happier and lifted right away!