Disability Support & Assistance

Please note: We are committed to maintaining a website that is handicapped accessible and that’s why we regularly update our website and plugins to ensure that they’re compatible with the latest technology. We want to make sure that everybody has free and equal access to our website, no matter what challenges they may be experiencing. However, we realize that sometimes technology can fail us. If you find that a plugin is not working or is out of date we can fix it ASAP and if you find anything that is not working for you or if you need any additional assistance at all please let us know we are happy to help. We have a team ready to support you on anything you need. Simply email us at . We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy our content, regardless of their ability level. Thank you for helping us create a more inclusive website for all!
Also, if there’s ever any type of exercise or technique you are not able to do or understand due to a type of disability, please do email and let us know.  We will be more than happy to setup a call for you and provide you with the support you need to fully understand and access the courses to the fullest extent.


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