7 Steps To Learn to Get Answers

from Your Own Body & Energy  

 Learn how to start getting answers from your own energy and body today.

Many people at one point or another feel called to learn more about their body and their energy in order to get more in touch with their own body and energy.


Have you found yourself asking things like:


  • How can I get more in touch with my own energy?
  • How can I begin to "read" and get information from my own body/energy?
  • How can I transform other areas of my life?
  • How can I receive even more ongoing support to take my healing to the next level?
  • How can I achieve greater levels of happiness, love and enlightenment?
If you have found yourself asking any of these questions, likely it's because our truest state of being is EMPOWERMENT at every level of life!


For that reason, Brandy has created this special video course to help you do exactly that; to take your life and abilities to the next level.


This video course will allow you to:
  • Learn how to get answers and information from your own body and energy! 
  • Connect with your own intuition to make a stronger connection with your own body and the world around you.
  • Check your energy to see if you are aligned with the vision you have for your life.
This is your special invitation to access this special video course for ONLY $67!


Yes! I want to take my health, life, and abitities to the next level!

This Video Course Includes:

The Mind/Body Pendulum Technique™

How to Use Your Energy to Discover What Your Body Really Needs

If you are familiar with the concept of a pendulum, this video series takes that concept in a new direction: inside your own body!

We all know we have energy flowing through us, but what you may not know is that you can tap into that energy to learn more about what your body REALLY needs.

This revolutionary video series will teach you how to connect with your own energy in order to get information from your own body. Even if you are brand new to energy work, this course is a great place to begin!

Topics covered in the series include:

  • How to use the body pendulum to gauge what you are aligned with… (most people are SURPRISED to find out that they are not really aligned with what they are wanting. This information can be invaluable feedback)
  • Check your diet! ... Likely you know that our bodies are all different. This program can teach you how to check which foods your body is aligned with! 
  • How to avoid falling into a trap of getting "wrong information" from your body - most people don't realize that getting information from your body is NOT straightforward 
  • The difference between core energy and transmission energy
  • Use the Mind-Body Pendulum to see why you are not in alignment with your vision

Start Getting in Touch Today!

For $67, you can have access to every tool you need to get in touch with your body, your energy, and your subconscious mind. 
YES! I Would Like Start Getting in Touch With My Energy


Her extraordinary gifts can see to the source of any problem and illuminate the path to recovery. Brandy is truly one of a kind! Her extraordinary gifts can see to the source of any problem and illuminate the path to recovery. Brandy’s fierce commitment to the truth and ability to live a life of freedom because of her commitment to the truth is both inspiring and admirable. I just love this girl!



-Lisa GarrHost of The Aware Show and Author of Becoming Aware


Brandy has a superpower, unlike any other healer I’ve worked with… Brandy can help me track my pain back to the thought that caused the pain within a matter of moments. It’s been blowing my mind. Brandy has a superpower, unlike any other healer I’ve worked with, and I’ve been at this for a couple of decades. So if you have a chance to study with Brandy to better understand how your thoughts are manifesting in your body, I would say run, don’t walk. She’s absolutely freaking amazing.


-Sage Lavine, author of Women Rocking Business


For two years, I’ve been watching Brandy work with people with chronic pain, and just by talking to them and “changing their mind,” she can help them get out of pain. Each time she asks for a volunteer from the audience who is experiencing chronic pain, l have watched her intuitively read the area of pain, talk to the mind of the person in pain, and then ask them to rate their pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Within 15 minutes, the pain will go from 8 to 5 to 3 to gone. She has also documented this phenomenon with thermography, demonstrating that the area of pain scans red where there is inflammation, and then green when the inflammation is gone.

-Lissa Rankin, author of Mind Over Medicine



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